What are MST? MST are NFTs on the WAX Blockchain that will be exchangeable for packs, collectibles, airdrops and access to all offerings by Mercenary Art Studio. MST is also a crypto currency on the ETH chain and will be available in the future to be exchanged for your WAX MST NFT tokens and our upcoming EOSIO token. We intend to integrate MST into many of our collections including Little Monsters, Monster Clash and Fantasy Io. Stay tuned for special MST only drops and collaborations with partner projects as well.

Here is the contract for the ETH MST token: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5ee89679eb9d43aa8ffa18c8491aaa9b338b3ccf#code

In order to mitigate the transfer of MST between chains and the need for a LP exchange we have began development of a WAX wallet compatible and EOSIO base MST Token. We are adding capabilities such as the ability to “burn” a NFT Token and have the corresponding amount of MST sent to your WAX wallet. The ability to exchange small denomination MST tokens for larger denominations through a burn process or through a short term “blend” option.

Starting the week on June 14th MST Tokens will from time to time be available to be opened as “packs” in the Nefty unpacking section of our collector sites for our properties. This will consume your MST token so make sure you want to redeem your NFTs before taking part.

MST will be awarded in our Monthly Airdrops as well as awarded randomly in all Mercenary Art Studio packs. It can be mined on AW through our partner lands along with our other NFTs. We will be soon adding MST mining/drips in our partner lands in Uplift and through our Immersys creator account.

The following MST holding benefits will be in place for the July 1 airdrop.

  • 700 MST – T1 Airdrops
  • 1400 MST – T2 Airdrops
  • 2800 MST – T3 Airdrops

These levels will adjust each month based upon the total supply and be posted on the discord group. We will have exclusive whitelist access, airdrops and other rewards for holders of MST and our collectible Series NFTs.